the school

Samadhi place was created in order to support the needs of all of us that live in the modern urban environment for an alternative way of exercise.

The activities we share are carefully chosen so that we can benefit not only physically but also psychically.

Samadhi acupuncture, tai chi, chi kong, meditation, massage, calligraphy

Through the physical enactment in Tai Chi, Yoga and Dancemovement we not only train but also relax and work off the stress and anxiety that we accumulate in our everyday activities.

In this way we regain a deeper and more qualitative connection with our bodies, our psyche and the environment, contributing in the promotion of our physical and mental wellbeing.

Samadhi place hopes to become a point where we can stop for a while and return back in our bodies, sensing again the interconnectedness between us, the world and life itself.

In this way we hope to contribute in a better quality of life.